Know Your Sealants

Alcolin has a wide range of sealants, for home and construction applications. These top-quality products are all manufactured explicitly with a specific purpose in mind. When choosing your sealant, it is best to know the exact use so that you select the right product for the problem you need to fix.

Choosing the right product for a particular problem is vital as it will otherwise be a futile purchase with potentially damaging results. All Alcolin products are specifically designed for a particular use; thus, interchanging one for another will not always work effectively. For this reason, getting to know your products and familiarising yourself with their benefits is prudent.

Although there is a wide variety of sealants in the Alcolin range, we have chosen the four most widely used, to familiarise yourself with.

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A brief overview of this product:
• It is a general-purpose, water-based, flexible sealant.
• This high-quality sealant is ideal for closing interior gaps.
• This sealant is easy to apply and compatible with most materials used in construction.

When would you use Alcolin Acrylic Sealant?
• Caulking
• Grouting
• Jointing
• Embedding cornices
• Sealing between door/window frames and walls

When should Alcolin Acrylic Sealant not be used?
• In circumstances where high movement accommodation is needed.
• On oily or bituminous substrates, rubber or building material that may bleed oils, plasticizers, or solvents.
• It is not recommended for use in floor joints, or joints subject to continuous water immersion or as a glass sealant.
• When using Alcolin Acrylic Sealant, do not expose it to water or rain for at least 24 hours.
• It will not adhere to certain plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene, and Teflon.

Additional information about Alcolin Acrylic Sealant:
• It is paintable in one hour.
• It is highly flexible and crack resistant.
• It provides a smooth finish.
• Alcolin Acrylic Sealant does not slump, it’s water-based, has a low odour and is non-toxic.
• It is suitable for interior and exterior applications.


A brief overview of this product:
• It’s a sanitary sealant for sealing around bathroom and kitchen fittings.
• This product provides a permanently flexible and watertight seal.
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
• Excellent UV and chemical resistance.
• Alcolin Silicone Sealant contains a fungicide to resist the growth of mould.

When would you use Alcolin Silicone Sealant?
• It is ideal for sealing and bonding in cars, boats, and caravans.
• It is suitable for sealing in homes.
• It may be used for waterproofing and is suitable for internal and external applications.

When should Alcolin Silicone Sealant not be used?
• This product is not suitable for alkaline surfaces such as concrete, fibrous cement, etc.
• Cannot be used on metals such as lead, galvanized iron, etc.
• It is not suitable for use on marble and similar natural stone as it may discolour the surfaces.
• It will not adhere to some plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene, and Teflon.
• It should not be used on the back of mirrors, as this will cause the silver coating to discolour.
• It may discolour when coming into contact with some organic elastomers.

Additional information about Alcolin Silicone Sealant:
• This product is flexible at temperatures as low as -40°C and it is heat resistant up to +120°C.
• It has excellent UV resistance and durability.
• It is unaffected by alcohols, diluted acids and alkalis, soap, and other household detergents.
• It has excellent colour fastness. Transparent grades are non-yellowing.


A brief overview of the product:
• This product is a high-quality silicone for general purpose sealing in the glazing and construction industry.
• It is excellent for expansion joints, allowing up to 50% movement accommodation.
• It has ISO and EU certification for sealing and glazing applications in the construction industry.

When would you use Alcolin Alco-Flex Neutral Silicone?
• It is suitable for alkaline surfaces such as concrete, cement, brick, and plaster.
• It is non-corrosive to metal and glass making it possible to use on these surfaces.
• It is a suitable product to use on expansion joints.
• It is suitable for interior and exterior use.
• This product may be used for glazing and weather-sealing between door and window frames connected to plaster.

When should Alcolin Alco-Flex Neutral Silicone not be used?
• It cannot be used on applications that have to be painted.
• It may cause staining on natural stone surfaces, such as marble and granite.
• Not suitable for fish tanks (contains a fungicide).
• This sealant cannot be applied when the relative humidity is below 10% because this will affect the cure rate of the product.

Additional information about Alcolin Alco-Flex Neutral Silicone:
• It has excellent UV and chemical resistance.
• This product has a low odour, making it ideal for use in areas with poor ventilation.
• It can be used on small mirrors.
• This silicone sealant is ISO 11600F + G25LM certified.


A brief overview of this range:
• Wood-coloured, flexible sealants that are ideal for closing interior gaps.
• Ideal for sealing joints between wooden floors, walls, skirting boards, kitchen cupboards, and other rigid substrates.
• Can be sanded, varnished, odourless and heat resistant.
• Available in the following colours: Pine, Oak, Meranti, Cherry, Black, Imbuia.

When would you use Alcolin Flexible Wood Sealant?
• It is suitable for sealing between wooden parquet boards.
• It may be used for sealing joints between wood pieces.
• Suitable for sealing laminate flooring.
• It is used for sealing joints between walls and built-in cupboards.
• Perfect to use when sealing inside wardrobes and built-in cupboards.
• It can be used for sealing joints between walls, windows, and door frames in timber/log homes.
• It is used for sealing chipboard ends.

When should Alcolin Flexible Wood Sealant not be used?
• It is not suitable for continuous submersion under water.
• It will not adhere to some plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene, and Teflon.
• It is unsuitable where more than 15% movement accommodation is required.

Additional information about Alcolin Flexible Wood Sealant:
• It provides a matt finish & low shrinkage.
• It provides a colour-matched seal between countertops and splashbacks.
• It is an excellent non-cracking window putty.

Alcolin Sealants are high-quality products that provide sealing solutions for all relevant problems. We are proud of our unique products that consistently offer reliable solutions for the needs of our valued clients. When sticking to the Alcolin brand, one can be assured never to come unstuck.