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Bostik: A global leader in adhesive technologies

Our business is about much more than sticking things together. For over a century, we have developed smart solutions that touch and improve people’s daily lives.

Bostik adhesives can be found almost everywhere. From construction sites to schools and offices, food packaging to transport, our bonding systems are used in countless applications. Our products might be subtle but their impact is profound, contributing to a safer, more flexible, efficient and responsive world.

We are one of the largest adhesive and sealant companies in the world, employing some 5,000 people in 50 countries across five continents. Our customers come from diverse markets, most notably the industrial manufacturing, construction and consumer sectors.

DIY & Trade adhesives

From home improvements to repair and craft activities, we are committed to meeting the everyday needs of consumers and providing products which allow them to achieve professional, high quality results.

Construction adhesives

Our smart adhesive systems are used globally in the construction of new buildings and refurbishment projects. You will find Bostik solutions for flooring, tiling, waterproofing, sealing, decoration, assembly and insulation.

Industrial adhesives

Bostik adhesives are used in the manufacture and assembly of products in a wide range of sectors, including construction, transport, packaging, tapes, and lables. Our industrial activities are extensive and we partner with some of the biggest names in manufacturing.

Smart innovation

Our smart identity is underpinned by innovation. We pursue innovation vigorously, applying the latest technological advances to developing ‘smart’ adhesives. Our archives are laden with examples of Bostik technologies that have disrupted markets – from potato starch-based wallpaper paste to elastic attachment adhesive for nappies. Today, our commitment to innovation is as strong as ever. We innovate with our customers through a global R&D network comprising three international Smart Technology Centres and 11 Regional Centres, and we differentiate our business through this investment.  


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