Know Your Fillers.

ALCOLIN offers a wide range of superior gap fillers. Equipping yourself with the knowledge about them will prevent you from coming unstuck, so make sure to fill your home and business tool box with the whole range to be on hand when you need them the most. They all provide a simple solution.

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Alcolin Interior Crackfiller is a gypsum-based product.
It is used for filling wall cracks and cavities. This product may also be used as a skimming material to provide a smooth finish to surfaces before painting. Alcolin Interior Crackfiller contains a cellulose derivative which enhances the cohesive strength of the product. Alcolin Interior Crackfiller bonds to ceiling boards, plaster, lime, cement, and wood. This is the product to use when filling cracks up to 10mm wide. It is ideal for hairline cracks, cavities and gaps in walls and wood.

Some helpful information to familiarise yourself with:
• Alcolin Interior Crackfiller does not slump or shrink.
• It is paintable after 3 hours and will not show through thereafter.
• Can be used as a skimming agent to smooth irregular wall surfaces.
• It may also be used for the modelling and sculpting of small figurines.

There are also certain things that this product cannot do:
• It is not suitable for repairing structural faults such as foundation movements.
• Due to its fast-drying ability, it is not suitable for repairing minor imperfections or indentations.
• We do not recommend using it for repairing cracks on flexible surfaces; for that, we recommend using a more flexible crackfiller such as Alcolin Litefill


Alcolin Exterior Crackfiller is a robust product that provides a weather resistant finish. This product is designed with anti-slump and non-sagging properties for repairing, filling, sealing, and weatherproofing cracks. Additional additives also improve the water resistance and workability of this product.

Important information about Exterior Crackfiller:
• Its specific formulation provides low shrinkage characteristics over a gap width of 10mm.
• It may be sanded and painted to achieve the desired finish once dry.
• It is the ideal product to repair cracks and cavities in vertical concrete, stone, and cement rendering or masonry block surfaces.
• Suitable for interior and exterior applications.

Do Not Use Exterior Crackfiller for:
• Repairing structural faults (foundation movement).
• Repairing little imperfections or indentations as it will dry too fast.
• Skimming agent for plaster.
• Repairing cracks on flexible surfaces. For this purpose, use a more flexible crackfiller such as Alcolin Litefill.


Alcolin Litefill is an innovative, ready-mixed polymer-based crack filler. Being such a lightweight product makes it easy and convenient to work with. Furthermore, it is fast drying which allows it to be painted in one hour. Embracing the latest technology enables this product to provide a flawlessly smooth finish with one application. Its super white colour provides an attractive and elegant clean finish, however, it can be coloured with paint tints. You can be assured that no touch-ups will be required after Alcolin Litefill has been applied.

Alcolin Litefill is the ideal product:
• For filling fine and large cracks, filling holes in wood as well as drilled holes.
• To restore surface damage with precision and repair defects in plaster.
• For use when flexibility is required as it offers good adhesion, it does not crumble, crack, or fall out.

Let’s fill you in on what Alcolin Litefill is not suitable for:
• Repairing structural faults (foundation movement)
• For use in permanently wet areas.
• Supporting screws.


Alcolin Woodfiller is a water-based, ready-mixed wood filler. This highly versatile product is suitable for softwoods, chipboards, fibreboards, metal screws, nail-heads, and plaster. It is available in a wide range of “wood” shades to match most wood types.

Some background information that you might find interesting:
• Colours may be mixed to obtain the desired shade required.
• It can be varnished or painted, especially when used on exterior applications.
• Cabinet makers, woodworkers, and decorators use it to fill cracks, holes, surface defects, and blemishes on a host of wood types.
• It can be used as a grain filler.
• This product dries to a hard finish, making it easy to sand or drill.

What else you need to know:
• It is not suitable for use where flexibility and movement are required.
• Do not apply to coated surfaces.

When sticking to the ALCOLIN brand, one can be assured of maximum results because we believe in providing The Simple Solution to any sticky situation.