The lucky winners have been announced!

Thanks to every single person who entered our National Competition during the months of October, November and December 2022.

From the exciting in-store “selfies” that were photographed in front of the Alcolin displays, to reminiscing along while we read through the nostalgic stories and cheering along while seeing all of the DIY projects that our supporters are busy with, we thoroughly enjoyed looking through all the entries that came in from across South Africa.

Looking at all the entries received, it was made clear that Alcolin really is the bond that brings us all together!

Lastly, thank you to everybody who purchased Alcolin products to submit their till slips into the competition.

All entries went into the lucky draw, where 45 winners were selected for the following prizes:

  • 2 x Inverters
  • 10 x Leatherman Utility Knives
  • 10 x LED Lanterns
  • 10 x 28-piece Toolsets
  • 13 x Product Hampers

The names of all winners can be found on the Alcolin Facebook page.

We hope you enjoy your prizes!