Imana Wild Coast Challenge

This year Permoseal’s Jacobs brothers, Paul and Kevin, teamed up, in their SiliconeTAPE branded racing outfits, to pedal, walk and literally swim the challenging Imana Wild Ride Race.

Narrowly avoiding Zambezi River Sharks, battling the elements and navigating remote paths, we are proud to say our devoted colleagues finished in 20th place.

The race, takes place just North of East London, along one the most pristine and rural coastlines. It starts at the Great Kei River and ends nearly 200km’s and 4 days later at the Umngazi River Bungalows in Transkei. Only 80 teams are privileged enough to take part in this gruelling race each year with a waiting list of a few years for prospective challengers.

The Imana Wild Coast Mountain Bike Challenge is held each year to raise funds for the Wild Ride Education Company (WREC), who uses the funds to build classrooms and improve learning facilities in the Wild Coast region. This year WREC donated 2 classrooms to Nvdevu Junior Secondary School and 2 classrooms to Xonyeni Junior Secondary School.

Permoseal donated 170 custom made school bags filled with Bostik educational products, which were shared amongst Grade 4, 5 and 6 learners.

Congratulations once again to Paul and Kevin on their fantastic achievement.