Five Products Every Dad Must Have In His DIY Kit.

Sunday 19 June is just around the corner! Don’t find yourself in a sticky situation by not having a special gift for Dad. While dads may be annoying with their “Dad Jokes”, they deserve to be spoilt for all they do for us. Without being too sneaky, why not give dad a gift from which you too can benefit.

Have you ever stopped to think about what would happen if dad didn’t have a DIY kit? Would we not be stuck without him! Let’s get on to those five products while talking about dad, Father’s Day, and sticky situations!


Alcolin Cold Glue is a unique and innovative supreme PVA (polyvinyl acetate) glue and has justifiably earned its esteemed reputation as the market-leading glue in South Africa for over 50 years.

Besides setting quickly, it has multiple uses that make it a “must” for every toolkit! It can be used for woodwork, furniture assembling, other joinery work, and widespread use throughout the home. Being so versatile makes it a true gem!

It works well for bonding wood, leather, felt, cloth, board, and paper!

Its adhesion to medium woods, softwoods, processed boards, leather, cloth, felt, paper, cardboard, cork, and a host of other porous materials makes it an essential product to have in one’s home and office.

Alcolin Cold Glue comes in assorted sizes, making it handy when considering your budget.

We need to brief you on all the Cold Glue attributes so that you know how dad can help you if you come unstuck.
• Its high strength provides a guaranteed bond.
• It may be left open for a reasonable length of time which is convenient when working on a time-consuming project like intricate joint work, which requires a longer assembly time.
• It offers a multitude of versatile uses and is ideal for many day-to-day adhesive needs.
• Alcolin Cold Glue is water-based, always a bonus when cleaning up after a project.
• It has low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), which makes the product more user-friendly, so you aren’t inhaling toxic fumes while using it.
• It is suitable for assembling, doweling, laminating, veneering, finger-jointing, and most other wood projects.

You may need to caution dad, however, that:
• If used outside, joints should be covered with paint or varnish once the adhesive has cured.
• It should not be used on coated woods, synthetic woods, and melamine.

After all, Father’s Day is the ideal time to reinforce those bonds, so tell him gently!


Alcolin Silicone Tape is another product that Dad would love and find extremely useful for his DIY kit. How impressed will he be when he sees that you have this gift package taped!

You may even want to buy it in all four colours, namely, black, white, red, and green. They come in 3-meter rolls.

Once wrapped, it is a self-fusing repair tape that only sticks to itself. Typical of Alcolin products, it is highly versatile and produces a temporary or permanent air and water-tight seal within seconds. This multi-purpose product is perfect for electrical insulation, plumbing, gardening, household, automotive, and other critical repairs.

Dad will indeed find this product both valuable and thoughtful, but, think of how he can help you when you’re in need:
• It will please him that he won’t need to get his hands dirty as this tape wraps and secures anything without leaving a sticky residue.
• You may need him to wrap, insulate and seal electrical connections and terminals for you, or wrap and create an air and water-tight seal in seconds. Nobody likes a dripping tap, and of course, we need to conserve water!
• It can also be used to create non-slip grips by wrapping them onto equipment and tools. This will make life so much easier for you.
• As an additional bonus, it is helpful to know that this excellent product can withstand extreme temperatures of up to 260°C.

You may need to remind dad of the following important points, although no doubt he’ll tell you that, of course, he knows it all already.

• He will need to ensure that the final wrap is pressed down onto the prior wraps and use less stretch on the last wrap because of its self-sticking ability.
• The tape is re-usable, but additional layers can be applied at any time.
• Warn him not to use it on gas pipes, fuel or brake lines, or high-pressure water lines. Remember that when you call him to help you with these problems.
• It’s handy to know that the tape may be applied in wet, non-oily conditions.

Of course, you want to really spoil dad and show him how much you love and appreciate him for all he does (and is going to do) for you, being armed with these quality products, so let’s add more products to his gift.


Isn’t this so appropriate for dad when he’s the one you call on to fix all your problems. His DIY kit would be devoid without it.

Alcolin Fix-All is a contemporary, rubber-based adhesive paste used as a substitute for nails and screws for many applications. It sticks to most common building materials and is ideal for home and garage, office, and school projects.

It won’t take up too much space in dad’s kits as it comes on 50ml tubes and in 280ml cartridges.

So, why is this product a real “must have”:
• No more nailing, screwing, and drilling, leaving holes that need to be plugged one day again.
• Good adhesion to a variety of surfaces with uncomplicated and easy repairs.
• Safe application of mirrors to surfaces and the handy attribute of being water-resistant.
• No need for priming before using it.
• Provides gap-filling with ease and can be overpainted as well.
• Makes the fixing of nameplates, house numbers, and plastic letters extremely easy.
• Ideal for placing skirting boards, joining floorboards, dado rails, cornices, decorative frames, cladding of panels around the house, and gluing wall and floor tiles, windowsills, stones, and electrical boxes.
•It is also ideal for repairing loose carpets and putting up decorations.

You may, however, need to tell dad to bear in mind that Fix-All is not suitable for:
• Bonding heavy objects onto soft surfaces such as paint, friable plaster, or soft boards, or placing hooks that will carry large loads such as curtain hooks. It is also not suitable to be used to bond bitumen or asphalt. Neither is it suitable for bonding some plastics, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, and Teflon.
• Using as a structural adhesive. At least one of the substrates must be porous.
• Using in areas that are subject to continuous water immersion.
• Fixing a rigid joint, e.g., to repair a broken vase.

Let’s add to Dad’s Father’s Day gift because, as we said, he really needs all five products, and so may you!


Contact Adhesive is an all-purpose Polychloroprene rubber-based adhesive of superior quality. Its immediate bond strength, smooth brush application and water and heat resistance rounds off a host of attributes. This product bonds instantly upon contact with various surfaces without clamping or sustained pressure.

It adheres exceptionally well to wood, processed boards (e.g., hardboard, supawood, chipboard, high-pressure laminates, Masonite, plywood), Formica, veneers, floor coverings, foam, canvas, textiles, leather, felt, cloth, concrete, linoleum, glass, metal, rubber, cork and a variety of plastics.

Contact Adhesive comes in assorted sizes, so your budget will allow you to choose which one you may wish to add to Dad’s DIY kit.

Alcolin Contact Adhesive has many attributes that make it an essential product in everyone’s DIY kit.
• It has an excellent instant grab with immediate bond strength and dries quickly. • It bonds a wide variety of similar and dissimilar substrates.
• Its smooth brush application makes it quick and easy to apply to interior and exterior surfaces.
• Good heat and water resistance are highly advantageous.
• It is Ideal for general applications in the light, furniture, and construction industries.
• This excellent multi-purpose adhesive works very well for handicrafts, shoe repairs, leather work, and decorative work.

In case Dad doesn’t know, you may need to share the following facts with him:
• Alcolin Contact Adhesive is not recommended for use as a structural adhesive.
• It is not suitable for polyethylene, polypropylene, expanded polystyrene, Teflon, and flexible PVC. It would be best to use ALCOLIN WATERPROOF GLUE or ALCOLIN FIX ALL to bond expanded polystyrene.
• It is also not suitable for items that hold hot liquids.

The last “Must Have” for Dad’s gift to be complete and really excite him is…


Secure your bond with Dad by sealing your love with Super Glue.

Alcolin Super Glue is a quick-setting, multi-purpose, single-component cyanoacrylate-based adhesive created for strong immediate adhesion of compatible components such as metal, glass, ceramic, rubber, and other non-porous parts and will not take up much space in Dad’s DIY kit.

The quality of adhesion to many non-porous substrates such as metal, glass, ceramic, neoprene rubber, and some plastics such as PVC, ABS, and polycarbonate, is excellent.

While the product is small, its advantages are massive!
• Super Glue sets extremely fast at room temperature with high bond strength.
• It bonds to a wide range of substrates and is extremely easy to apply without mixing the glue.
• It is non-toxic when cured.
• As a “Fix-it DIY” glue, it is ideal for hand-crafted applications with precision bonding.

What Dad needs to know is that Super Glue:
• It is not suitable for plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene, and Teflon.
• Neither is it suitable for paper, fabrics, or glass containing a high alkali content. • It is not suitable for use on expanded rubber.

There is really no reason to get stuck on not knowing what to buy for Dad. All five products recommended for Dad’s DIY Kit will only reinforce the bond that you share. You will always be able to call on Dad when you find yourself in a sticky situation.

Let Alcolin products endorse the contact that you have with him. We encourage you to stick with Dad and celebrate Father’s Day while expressing your love and appreciation for him.