Free Contact Applicator – for a limited time!

You could think of it as a little extra something from Alcolin to you this festive season… Alcolin is giving away free applicators on all tins of Alcolin Contact Adhesive 500ml, and you’ll find them in store now, attached to the lids of the product!

Sometimes when you just need a tiny bit of contact adhesive, a big trowel or applicator is awkward to use, and the small plastic utensils you might be tempted to try are flimsy and inaccurate. That is why we’re giving away these neat applicators, they are perfect when you’re only applying small amounts of glue but need to be precise to get that super strong bond. 

These applicators are re-useable (be sure to clean them afterwards though) and have a hole on the side to be hung up afterwards. Plus they are also made from recycled plastic and can be recycled after use, if you don’t want to hang on to them. If you like them and want to see more like it – let us know by posting on our Facebook page ( or calling us on the toll-free Sticky Questions hotline (0800 222 400).