3 Home Décor Trends Demystified

If you’re looking to shake things up in your home, we’ve got you covered. Try one of these trendy styles; see below for our simple guide to nailing these trends.


In direct contrast to the minimalist style, a “more is more” approach to decorating is gaining popularity. The basics for getting on this trend are:

Don’t strive for perfection, strive for personalization. Who cares if you mix styles and era’s? Show off what you love best! The more items that have personal stories or cherished memories, the better. They create interesting conversation starters, so be sure to have plenty of seating options, as maximalist homes are ultra-sociable.

Load up on colour. A restrained palette and adherence to rules is not what you’re after here. Use bold colours, and plenty of them. Dark walls contrasted with bright hues in furniture and accessories mix easily and don’t need to follow the rules of contrast, harmony and tone. It might be too much of a plunge to do it all at once, so plan it with a mood board to see how unusual combinations play together.

The more (artwork) the better. Go far a full wall covered with art pieces. Clash patterns and combine textures, don’t be afraid to take risks… even wall rugs are an option (Alcolin Mounting Tape and Fix-All will come in handy here). Or be extra daring and try your hand at a statement ceiling…

Strive for comfort and add only the decor that you love. Perhaps start with a few anchor pieces in neutral tones; e.g. the couch, dining set, dresser and blinds are the anchors, while they art pieces, rugs, busy wallpapers to layer on top and shine with brilliance.


This is a search for the harmony between nature and humanity, utilising natural elements such as wood, stone, plants, metals, and even natural light to bring in the outdoors. They serve as sensory reminders of the outside world, creating a connection between the interior and exterior. They also form a stark contrast against the technology driven society around us, drawing us back to our nostalgic roots in our own slice of paradise. Living walls, animal rugs and jungle-styled bathrooms are all features of this trend, and can be turned up a notch with custom designs, furniture and fittings. Bring this trend to life in your home in these simple ways:

Bring the outdoors inside: Load up on plants (if you don’t considering yourself as someone with green fingers, there are plenty of articles online to help you get started). Natural materials such as wood, exposed brick, stone, etc. are great ways to feel nature inside your home. Now might be the time to restore an original piece of painted furniture back to its original beauty with Alcolin Paint Stripper, or build a raw wood furniture piece with good ol’ Alcolin Cold Glue.

Green is good: as mentioned above, indoor plants are perfect for this, but if that isn’t an option, why not consider a feature wall with a bespoke wallpaper. Wallpaper requires no daily upkeep, and is very DIY friendly.

Harness the light: lots of natural light is not only good for eyes, but good for the soul too. It can quickly turn a dark and discarded corner into friendly and warm space. Skylights provide triple the amount of light compared to a vertical window of the same size. Although this requires advanced DIY skills, numerous companies can do this for you.


As the Scandinavian design trend matures, the search for diversity and creativity within minimalism goes deeper. Incorporating Japanese philosophies with Scandinavian design brings an interesting take on this design style. While the two styles are different, they have a lot more in common and complement each other well (think fish, sauna’s, nature, rituals, and craftsmanship to name a few). Both regions designs are focussed on the essentials, and create a timeless yet modern look. Here’s how to nail this trend:

Focus on the essentials. Everything must have a function, and ideally styled accordingly (simple, clean lines are better than curved, busy features). This is a great style for those with lower budgets, but the biggest challenge is often decided what can go – especially when you or your S/O’s hearts are unequally attached to pieces. Repurposing old items is a great way to achieve this on a budget. Restore an item of painted furniture to its original grandeur with Alcolin Paint Stripper.

Restraint is the name of the game. Using a restrained colour palette of mainly neutrals is the surest way to be on the Japanordic trend. Whites and other light colours should be the main options in every room, and certainly present in every room. A central colour, pattern or shape can be used effectively to combine the elements together and maintain a flow through your space.

Take it down a level. Lower coffee tables, seating and TV mountings are great for giving your space an airy-feeling and make it seem more spacious. Added to this you might struggle getting out of the seats at first, but over time what you lose in short term comfort, you’ll gain in long term flexibility and strength.