Alcolin, The Bond That Brings Us Together

For over 70 years, Alcolin has been the trusted DIY brand in South Africa and has been part of most peoples’ lives in some way or another.

We are sure that you remember the iconic Alcolin Cold Glue being used in art class and present in the cupboards of the woodworking workshops at school.

A weekend visit to your grandparents would not be complete without having to help grandpa in the garage at some stage and you could be sure to see Alcolin Cold GlueClear Adhesive and Woodfiller ever present on the dusty old work bench.

When you and your partner moved into your first home together, it was Alcolin that came to the rescue when you needed to silicone seal the shower and basin in the bathroom or fill some cracks in the walls with Alcolin’s Crackfiller.

Decorating the nursery before the arrival of your first child was made more exciting with the use of Alcolin’s Wallpaper Paste and don’t forget the tube of Alcolin Super Glue lurking in the fridge, ready to assist whenever a quick fix around the house was needed.

Alcolin is definitely the bond that brought people together through their love of DIY at any stage in their lives and the brand will continue to be there for everyone, no matter what DIY need you might have at whatever stage in your life!

To celebrate the longevity and versatility of the Alcolin brand, we are giving away loads of great prizes this year. From October to mid-December we will be running a competition, giving away a mix of prizes ranging from Inverters, Toolsets, LED Lanterns, Leatherman’s and Alcolin Product Hampers.

There are numerous ways to enter and stand a chance to be one of the winners:
1. Buy any Alcolin product, at any store in South Africa, take a photo of your till slip and WhatsApp it along with your name and surname to Alcolin on 073 043 1707.
2. When you see an Alcolin Competition Display in certain stores, simply take a selfie in front of the display and submit it via Facebook or WhatsApp the photo, along with your name and surname to Alcolin.
3. Share nostalgic photos, moments and stories of you and your family using any Alcolin product throughout the years on Alcolin’s Facebook page.
4. Share photos to Alcolin’s Facebook page of recent DIY projects that you and your loved ones started, or completed using Alcolin products.

For regular competition updates and prompts, make sure to follow Alcolin on Facebook and subscribe to the Alcolin YouTube Channel too.

Full competition Terms and Conditions will be posted on the Alcolin website and will be available on the Alcolin Facebook page as well.

Good luck!