More about our range of easy-to-use, multi-colour wood fillers

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Alcolin Woodfiller – For the best colour match!
Fill gaps, cracks and holes on all kinds of wood – with Alcolin Woodfiller.

Alcolin Woodfiller is a ready-mixed wood stopping, available in an extensive range of colours to provide a perfect match to a wide range of wood species.

Alcolin Woodfiller has an extensive range of colours available, namely:
White, Pine, Meranti, Imbuia, Oak, Sapele, Natural, Cherry, Beech, Mahogany, Oregan Pine, Dark Brown and Black.

If you have cracks, holes or gaps in your wooden furniture, countertops or walls, Alcolin Woodfiller is the best product to have available, to assist with the fix. If your wood is of a very specific colour and none of the Alcolin Woodfillers match the wood, you can always mix two different wood fillers together to obtain that perfect colour-match.

Alcolin Woodfiller is:
• Ready-mixed, making it convenient and easy to use
• Fast setting, to enable quick turnaround fixes
• Water-based and non-flammable, making it safe to use

Once Alcolin Woodfiller has cured, it can be sanded, drilled and painted.

When can Alcolin Woodfiller be used?
1. To fill cracks, splits, holes, surface defects and imperfections in soft woods, hard woods, chipboard, fibreboards, metal screws, nail-heads, and plasterboards.
2. Also suitable to use as a grain filler – including end grain.

Always keep the following in mind:
•When working with woods that are oily or high in tannic acid, wipe the surfaces with acetone before application.
• If the surface is very dry, dampen with water prior to Alcolin Woodfiller application.
• Alcolin Woodfiller is not suitable for use where flexibility and movement accommodation is needed.
• Do not apply onto coated surfaces.
• As the product is not water resistant, for external applications, it must be protected with varnish or paint.
• Some two-part acid catalysed varnishes may not adhere to Alcolin Woodfiller. Test for suitability before using.

The products in the Alcolin range have been formulated to make anyone’s DIY problem, a walk in the park! When you put your trust in the Alcolin brand, you will realise that there is always a Simple Solution, with Alcolin.