PASTE Community Project

Local artists support their community.

In June, Shani Judes worked on a project with an international artist, called ‘Inside Out Project’.

The project inspired her so much, that when it ended, she came up with the idea to get local artists to do something special for their community.

She approached 16 local artists and asked them to design, illustrate and photograph work around the theme of ‘Khayelitsha Culture’.  The aim of
this, was to bring art out of the white wall galleries and take it to the wider community.

The work has been blown up and will be ‘pasted’ in the township and in the city, with the help of Alcolin glue.

Shani says that the community in Khayelitsha were so excited about their new artwork and she thanked Alcolin, saying it wouldn’t have been
possible, without the donation of the glue.


You can view Shani’s blog on PASTE at: