ALCOLIN PERMO-DRAIN is an impermeable high density extruded polyethylene (HDPE) membrane designed to provide mechanical and chemical protection to below ground waterproofing membrane.


6 rolls per pallet of dimension 2.0m x20m

Uses / Applications

  • Ideal for any application where protection of the waterproofing membrane is required
  • Use over virtually any foundation type i.e. poured concrete, concrete block, etc
  • Suitable for under floor slabs, subfloors, retaining walls, flat roofs, terraces, roof gardens and planters, agricultural ponds, golf courses, canals, and as a separation layer between structures where controlled water flow is required

Other Information

  • ALCOLIN PERMO-DRAIN  has no expiry date, however it must be protected from sunlight and sharp, cutting objects that may damage or puncture the product during storage
  • Rolls must be supported on a smooth, level prepared surface and no heavy loads should be placed on top of the product