Peel ‘n Seal

ALCOLIN PEEL ‘N SEAL is a ready to use, self adhesive flashing waterproofing tape, made from a polymer modified bitumen adhesive compound, backed with a pure aluminium foil laminate.

It is ready to use and ideal for the sealing of flashing, repairing galvanised and metal roof sheeting, water tanks, down pipes and gutters, overlaps, roof screws, pipe vents, ridging, parapets and wall joints.


2.5m x 50mm,75mm,100mm, 5m x 100mm,150mm, 10m x 75mm,100mm,150mm

Uses / Applications

  • Sealing and repairing holes, gaps and overlaps in galvanized and metal roof sheeting
  • Fixing water tanks, down pipes, gutters and pipe vents
  • Repairing overlaps, ridging, parapets and wall joints

Other Information

  • Instant watertight seal
  • Excellent resistance to weathering
  • Quick effective repairs
  • Impermeable to moisture and water vapour
  • Strong aluminium foil backing
  • Durable, remaining permanently flexible

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.