ALCOLIN RAINSEAL is an acrylic waterbased coating that dries to a flexible highly water resistant coating providing durable protection against rain, wind and sun.  ALCOLIN RAINSEAL can be used in conjunction with ALCOLIN MEMBRANE to bridge gaps, cracks and dissimilar substrates thereby ensuring a long-life shield against the elements.

Available in black, white, grey and red.


5 litre tins

Uses / Applications

  • Easy to use
  • Water-based
  • Effective waterproofing compound
  • Can bridge minor surface imperfections
  • Low lustre flexible finish
  • Can be over coated or left as a final coat
  • With membrane will offer protection even if slight movement of the substrate occurs
  • Good resistance to wind driven rain
  • Can be tinted with universal paint tints
  • Formulated without lead or mercury
  • Non-toxic
    Waterproof roofs, parapets, walls, flashings, roof-screws, etc
  • Repair leaking areas
  • Prevent dampness coming through walls
  • Good exterior paint that will not crack
  • Excellent wood paint due to its flexibility

Other Information

  • Not be used if rain or threatening weather is expected within 24 hours
  • When used with membrane a longer curing time may be necessary
  • Not recommended for areas with long term ponding or permanently wet surfaces
  • Not suitable on bitumen surfaces

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