Slate Underlay

ALCOLIN SLATE UNDERLAY is a reinforced bitumen membrane used for waterproofing underlay when installing slate roofs. It is constructed from distilled bitumen and plastomeric polymers (APP) having a woven and non-woven single strand composite polyester reinforcement, which provides the membrane with high mechanical characteristics and excellent dimensional stability.


20m x 450mm

Uses / Applications

An underlayment with a aluminium foil to protect against uv degredation and waterproofing underlayment on slate roofs.
It provides long lasting protection against water and dust ingression.

Other Information

  • Alcolin Slate-Underlay is non-toxic.
  • It has excellent cold flexibility to -5°C and waterproofing properties.
  • Rolls should be kept in a warm or heated storage area during application
  • Avoid leaving the structure for long periods of time without having it properly sealed.