Alcolin’s Top Decor Trends for 2018

A new year is about new possibilities. At Alcolin, we love helping you turn your décor dreams into a reality. It’s time to make your space work for you! Our recommendations can be implemented simply and in an affordable manner. They are:
1) Shine a light on colour
2) Shape up
3) Rock velvet & leather
4) The ceiling is never the limit

Shine a light on Colour
Don’t you just love the fact the trending colour for 2018 is synonymous with the environment; green. From darker hues of blue to jade, green is queen! For those in the Cape who have waved goodbye to green lawns, you can welcome the luscious colour into your home with feature walls, furniture and art. The mint and pink colour combination is fading away and making room for lavenders and lilacs. Both pales of purple are slightly reminiscent of a previous generation, but they’re bang on the vintage trend. The new spin is to add metallic tones into the colour palette; brass and copper are very popular right now. The warm hues evoke a feeling of comfort and continuity to a time when life was simpler. From soap dishes to book stands, these metals can add a touch of class to any room.

Shape up
The shape of things to come is bold, geometric and statement making. It’s about linear lines, repetitive patterns and strength. Brighten up a dark passage with a few pieces of chipboard cut in circles and paint them in contrasting colours. Alternatively, wallpaper offcuts can be a somewhat bohemian solution that doesn’t break the bank. When you grow tired of it you can just peel off the paper and choose your new look. Alcolin Wallpaper Paste will definitely come in handy here!

Rock velvet & leather
Velvet & leather is not a rock band; they are the trending fabrics for 2018. There is something decadent about the soft touch of velvet and the forever-comfort of leather that makes you feel like royalty. Good quality leather is made to last, but it does require maintenance along the way. Don’t be scared by this, the effort will reward you in time. A classic leather piece is timeless, but should you change your mind, the resale value will be far greater than other pieces that are currently trending.

The ceiling is never the limit
Perhaps the most novel trend this season and that’s exactly why we love it! 2018 is about looking up… at your ceiling. Think of your ceiling as a large blank canvas, with infinite possibilities! Wallpapering your ceiling might be too crazy for you, but glass ceiling balls are the perfect way to combine indoor and outdoor living. Hang a few glass balls from your ceiling and then continue the theme with your veranda roof. Fill the ball with tea lights or Cacti (they’re extremely low maintenance). High in the style stakes and low on effort scale, you simply need fasten the glass ball’s cable to the ceiling and the job is done.

If you’re reading this, it’s because you more than likely have a flair for aesthetics. You enjoy getting stuck into projects and have a keen sense of what works for your home. If you like our ideas, pass them on to your friends who really need it. And if you’re going to add a splash of jade paint, restore an old leather chair or treat your ceiling please post a picture? When it comes to trusting what works, the best stylist will always be you!