1000 Injury Free Days for Superstars and Tubies teams

Permoseal have 1000 reasons to celebrate this month – the production teams,Tubies and Bostik Superstars reached 1000 injury free days!  In addition, the Powerhouse and Alcolin Superstars teams both reached 500 injury free days.

All Permoseal staff members are to be applauded for this achievement that has come about as a result of the change in manner in which safety is viewed throughout the entire site. 

To add to Permoseal’s celebrations, Innovations awards were awarded to 7 teams who all managed to contribute meaningful innovative ideas that have changed the way we manufacutre glue. 

The floating trophy for the Stix Team of the year 2012, went to Sibanye.  The 25 strong member team have a high work ethos that shines through in all areas from meeting production targets to safety on the shop floor. 

Well done to all of our teams, we are proud of your achievements!