Permoseal honoured by CPUT

The award comes in recognition of the valued support that their experiential learning programme brings to the University.  

Over the past eight years, Permoseal have annually employed students in the fields of Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Analytical Chemistry, and in the Business and Management Disciplines, particularly in Human Resources and Information Technology.

We provide supervision and training to students through supervisors/mentors who understand and are interested in experiential training. Once the students have qualified, we are able to offer many of them meaningful employment related to their field of study.

“Its a two way street” comments Lizmari Eitner, Permoseal’s Human Resources Manager, “while the students are actively involved in the workplace to gain practical experience to achieve their qualifications, our company benefits from research and development work, engineering projects and various initiatives that add value to the company and ensure our brands grow successfully.

Permoseal is proud to accept the Excellence Award from the Engineering faculty at CPUT.