ALCOLIN NC120 is a superior quality clear siloxane liquid formulated to provide water repellency and preserve the original beauty of unpainted surfaces.


5 litre tins

Uses / Applications

  • Excellent penetrating ability
  • Invisible when cured
  • UV resistant
  • Total resistance to breakdown by the alkali in masonry
  • Tack-free drying
  • The substrate retains a high degree of water vapour permeability
  • Durable – can enhance water repellency for up to 10 years
  • Prevents water-caused damage to walls, including: moss and fungus growth,damp patches after rain, etc
  • Designed to improve the water repellency of porous surfaces
  • Develops it’s water repellency fast

Other Information

  • Not suitable for use underwater e.g. dams, swimming pools
  • Cannot be applied to painted surfaces
  • Does not provide oil repellency i.e. garage floors
  • Not suitable for waterproofing gypsum based plaster
  • May enhance the colour of some substrates