Skim ‘n Prime

ALCOLIN SKIM & PRIME is a ready to use polymer based product for skimming uneven surfaces, filling hairline cracks and general touch up applications typically required of most surfaces prior to painting. The product contains special additives which improves cohesive strength and promotes adhesion to ceiling boards, plaster, lime, cement and wood. Suitable for both interior and exterior applications on both new and old surfaces.



Uses / Applications

  • Good water resistance – suitable for interior & exterior applications
  • Good anti-slump / non-sag properties – easily applied to vertical surfaces
  • Excellent workability – easy to spread and smooth
  • Off White finish – less tendency to show through after painting
  • Good sanding and painting properties – easy to achieve desired finish
  • Ready to use – no water required for mixing
  • Quick drying (depending on temperature) – can be sanded and painted over within 6-9 hours

Other Information

  • Not suitable for repairing of structural faults (foundation movements).
  • Not suitable for repairing of deep cracks.
  • Not suitable for use over movement joints.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.