Contractors Floor Screed

ALCOLIN CONTRACTORS FLOOR SCREED is a grey, cement-based and protein-free self-leveling screed which can be used as a single component system with water or as a twin pack system using a liquid additive such as ALCOLIN LATEX BOND for enhanced adhesion, flexural strength and water resistance. It is designed to provide excellent flow properties, self-smoothing characteristics, rapid walk on times and good adhesion to a variety of substrates. It is ideal for use when an economical screed is required as a flat foundation for tiling onto afterwards.


20kg bag

Uses / Applications

  • Low shrinkage, reducing risk of developing hairline cracks.
  • High compressive strength.
  • Protein free, resisting microbial attack. Ideal for use in hospitals.
  • Excellent self-levelling properties making it easy to achieve desired level finish.
  • Prepare, repair and level uneven, internal floors prior to floor-covering installations e.g. laying of carpets, vinyl or tiles, etc.
  • Suitable for application to concrete and sand or cement screeds.
  • Can be applied to substrates such as anhydrite gypsum screeds, terrazzo, bitumous waterproof membranes, stone tiles, and well bonded quarry and ceramic tiles if using a priming system such as Alcolin Permo-Key Slurry Kit.

Other Information

  • Not suitable as a final wearing surface, unless covered with ALCOLIN PROTECTIVE TOP COAT.
  • Not recommended for use as a decorative finish, unless covered with ALCOLIN PROTECTIVE TOP COAT.
  • For internal use only. Protect freshly laid surfaces from draughts, direct sunlight and sources of heat.
  • Not suitable for areas subject to rising damp or in permanently wet conditions.
  • Do not screed over existing structural or movement joints.

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