Permocrete Repair Mortar

ALCOLIN PERMOCRETE REPAIR MORTAR is a single component cementitous mortar that is fibre reinforced and shrinkage compensated. It comprises of a blend of course and fine aggregates. It only requires the addition of clean water to produce a very workable mortar mix and depending on the amount of water added can either be free flowing or rammed into the surface to be repaired.


20kg bags

Uses / Applications

  • It is ideal for repair of concrete and plastered work, voids in formwork, flooring repairs etc.
  • It can be used for both interior and exterior applications.
  • It can be used for horizontal patching (e.g. floors), veritcal overhead patching suitable for interior and exterior applications.

Other Information

  • Excellent repair system when used in conjunction with the ALCOLIN PERMOKEY SLURRY KIT as a primer and ALCOLIN PERMOCRETE FAIRING COMPOUND to give a beautifull aesthetic finish.
  • Note: If there are any doubts about the suitable of the substrate condition tensile, pull off tests should be performed