Permocrete Non-Shrink Grout

ALCOLIN PERMOCRETE NON-SHRINK GROUT is a single component, non-shrink, textured, rapid-setting, and high strength cementitious grout which only requires the addition of clean water. It has been specifically formulated for areas of application such as machine and base plates, precast concrete underpinning, brick work repairs, high strength anchoring and general purpose grouting.

The specially selected cements, chemical modifiers and aggregates contained in ALCOLIN PERMOCRETE NON-SHRINK GROUT produce a free flowing, rapid-setting grout which has been shrinkage-compensated combined with exceptional adhesion to concrete, steel and masonry materials.


20kg bag

Uses / Applications

  • It is suitable for the anchoring of machine tools by casting below the machine base, anchor bolts, filling cavities, voids, gaps and recesses, reinforced masonry walls and steel columns.
  • Contains expansive agents which counter the natural shrinkage properties found in cementitious products.
  • Rapid-setting, non-segregating, easily pourable product with self levelling characteristics.
  • Does not contain any corrosive additives.

Other Information

  • Do not apply externally when there is a risk of rain or frost within six hours after application.
  • Working in direct sunlight, temperatures exceeding 35°C and strong winds will result in premature drying of the product.
  • Working in temperatures below 10°C will retard setting.
  • Unsound, friable, very porous and contaminated surfaces will result in poor adhesion.
  • Not advisable to use in areas subject to rising damp or in permanently wet conditions.
  • Do not attempt to rework or tamper with any partially set product.
  • Do not apply over structural or movement joints.