Cold Glue…on top of the world!

On 19th December 2008, Alcolin Cold Glue reached new heights, 5895m on top of Kilimanjaro!
After 5 exhausting, but exhilarating days, Sally Jones, Alcolin’s Export Manager, positioned Alcolin Cold Glue at the peak of the highest free standing mountain in the world.
Sally commented “It took me 10 hours to reach the top, but only 3 hours to get down.  Going up, each step seemed more grueling than the last, but my guide was superb, and kept me motivated all the way to the top, although I will never believe the words almost there ever again!”
Alcolin Cold Glue was the first-ever cold wood glue in South Africa. Its 55 year life span boasts many adventures. Permoseal is so proud that Sally continued with this tradition by taking Cold Glue to new heights. Well Done!