Paint Stripper

ALCOLIN HEAVY DUTY PAINT STRIPPER is a heavy-duty paint and coating remover, which is non-flammable, super strong and quick acting.

It has a non-alkali formula, which is solvent-based and will not damage bared surfaces.

It removes enamels, varnishes and PVA paints from wood, metal and plaster, and also softens adhesives and bitumen, for easy removal.


500ml, 1 litre, 5 litre buckets

Uses / Applications

  • High viscosity
  • Fast acting
  • Non flammable
  • Does not contain alkali or acid
  • Will not damage glass, wood, metal and plaster
  • Contains surfactant which improves penetration
  • Contains wax which keeps the stripper active for longer
  • Removes coatings from wood, plaster, metal and glass
  • Removes enamel paint
  • Removes varnishes
  • Removes bitumen
  • Softens acrylic paints and old glue

Other Information

  • Should not be used on vinyl, plastic, fiberglass, rubber or plasterboard
  • May not remove some two part acid catalyzed varnishes
    Will not remove deep stains
  • May remove colour from textiles and leather

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