Fast Set Wood Glue

ALCOLIN FAST SET WOOD GLUE is a high quality, fast setting polyvinyl acetate based wood adhesive.

It dries clear to form a tough, non-visible glue-line which is stronger than wood.

Excellent adhesion to medium woods, soft woods,processed board, leather, cloth, felt, paper, cardboard, cork and most other porous materials.


250ml, 500ml bottles

Uses / Applications

  • Fast setting
  • High strength
  • Clear drying
  • Versatile
  • Water-based formulation
  • Low VOC
  • Suitable for assembly, doweling, laminating, veneering, paper foiling and finger-jointing


Other Information

  • If used outside, joints should be covered with paint or varnish once the adhesive has cured
  • Should not be used to adhere coated woods, synthetic woods and melamine

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