Porcelain Fix 6 Hrs

ALCOLIN PORCELAIN FIX 6HRS is a grey high strength shrinkage compensated cement based tile adhesive which sets in 6 hours. It has been specially formulated for heavy duty interior/exterior wall and floor applications such as the fixing of normal ceramic tiles as well as tiles with difficult backings e.g. low porosity surfaces such as porcelain, granite & vitrified tiles.


20kg bags

Uses / Applications

  • Sets in 6 hours
  • High strength – ideal for high traffic areas
  • Shrinkage compensated
  • Suitable for non porous tiles and tiles with difficult backings
  • Good anti-slump properties
  • Good wet tack
  • Good workability
  • Long open time
  • For interior/exterior wall and floor applications
  • Suited for heavy duty applications

Other Information

  • Not suitable for bonding porous light coloured natural stone, marble or travertine as it may cause discolouration. Use ALCOLIN RAPID SET MOSAIC MARBLE FIX TILE instead.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.