Silicone Tape

ALCOLIN SILICONE TAPE is a self-fusing repair tape that once wrapped, incredibly only sticks to itself.  It is extremely versatile and creates a temporary or permanent air and water-tight seal in seconds.  Ideal for electrical insulation, plumbing, gardening, household, automotive and other emergency repairs.

Available in black, white, red and green.


3 meter rolls

Uses / Applications

Top 5 applications:

  1. Wraps and secures anything without leaving a sticky residue
  2. Wrap, insulate and seal electrical connections and terminals
  3. Wrap and create an air and water-tight seal in seconds
  4. Create non-slip grips by wrapping onto equipment and tools
  5. Withstands extreme temperatures of up to 260 degrees C

Other Information

  • Ensure the final wrap is pressed down onto the prior wraps and use less stretch on the final wrap
  • Not re-usable, but additional layers can be applied at any time
  • Do not use on gas pipes, fuel or brake lines, or high pressure water lines
  • Can be applied in wet, non-oily conditions

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