Mounting Tape

ALCOLIN MOUNTING TAPE is a strong, double sided, self adhesive tape with aggressive tack, making it ideal for instantly securing house numbers, hooks, small mirrors, number plates, sign boards, key holders, posters, photos and much more.  It is ideal for use on a variety of smooth surfaces such as tiles, metal, wood, board, stone, glass, fibreglass and most plastics.  Suitable for interior and exterior use.


1m and 20m tape rolls, 40 x square tape pads

Uses / Applications

  • Mounting house numbers, hooks, small mirrors, number plates, sign boards and key holders
  • Securing plug points and holding down objects
  • Art and craft projects
  • School projects and scrapbooking

Other Information

  • A 175mm length will hold 1kg weight
  • May damage fragile papers on removal e.g. wallpaper
  • Not suitable where heat resistance is required
  • For large mirrors, mechanical fasteners may also be required
  • Not suitable for rough, friable or crumbly surfaces

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