Mix ‘n Fix QuikPlastik

ALCOLIN QUIKPLASTIK is a hand-mixable, fast setting epoxy putty stick that forms a durable bond to most plastic types. Repair anyhing made of ABS, CPVC and PVC plastic.

After mixing, it forms a water resistant, high strength compound that can be moulded, wrapped around and used to build up and repair plastic components.  Suitable for interior and exterior applications, it contains no solvents or VOC’s and will not shrink, crack or pull away.

After final cure, QuikPlastik can be drilled, sawed, machined, filed or painted.


57g backing cards

Uses / Applications

Rebuild: Rigid and semi-flexible plastics
Repair: Automotive trim, appliance parts, PVC furniture, vinyl siding, plastic downpipes and gutters
Seal: Leaks in PVC and ABS plastic plumbing pipes

Other Information

  • Not suitable for structural applications
  • Does not adhere to polyethyene, polypropylene or some other plastics

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.