DIY Projects

Which Gap Filler and When?

We often have a variety of questions surrounding the use of gap fillers, so we decided to upload a simple article to help you. Alcolin has numerous products that can be used in different situations. Every product is meant for a different purpose, and you want to use the correct product for the job so that you fix it once. A large chunk taken out of an exterior wall would require a completely different product than trying to cover up an old picture hook mark. 

Question 1
: How big is that gap or hole that needs to be filled. Larger gaps require products that take up more volume and dry quickly – something like our Anchoring & Patching Cement would probably be ideal. Smaller gaps can be filled with ready-mixed products like an Acrylic Sealant or Litefill. 

Question 2: Is the project inside or outdoors (i.e. does it need to be waterproof)? Often exterior products are formulated with harder-wearing materials – it keeps the water out – but the trade off may be looks; which are more important on the interior.

Question 3
: How soon can I paint over it (if at all)? Most fillers come in set colours, so need to be painted over to match the surroundings. If you paint too early then you end up with a mess, but you don’t want to wait days on end. Our fillers are formulated to dry quickly, so you can sit back and be proud of your work as fast as possible. For the products that can’t be painted over (e.g. Filla Foam), one can always apply a thin layer of another filler over it (e.g. Exterior Crackfiller) so that it can be properly hidden.

Question 4: How much effort do you need to put it… aka “how likely am I to mess this up?” A number of our products are ready-mixed and can be used right away, but sometimes a little more effort is required to mix the products correctly or apply it in a specific manner. Unfortunately, the easiest products to use are often the most expensive to make, and will therefore cost you a bit more. See what fits within your budget and select the one that suits your needs best. 

All of these questions are summarised in a table below, with our most common gap-filling products. We hope that it will help you make an informed decision, but if you’re ever stuck then call us during business hours on our toll free helpline: 0800 222 400.