DIY Projects

Striking Hanging Planter

If you are looking for fresh home decor options then look no further. And if bohemian is your style; a few hanging plants are just what you need! This month’s project can be done on a small budget and doesn’t require you to be a DIY master. 

We’ve used Alcolin Ultra Wood Glue with this build so that the planters can be hung inside or outside, and wont fail if it gets wet. The glue is also incredibly strong and will stand the test of time!

Some tips for the air plants:
(1) Yes, they still need water and won’t survive on air alone. But read up about watering them, it is a tricky exercise.
(2) The more humidity, the more light the plants can tolerate… so if you place them in a very bright space, water them more often.
(3) They thrive in environments with bright, indirect light. Direct light will fry them.