DIY Projects

Rustic Cement Coasters

Add some industrial style to your home with these rustic cement coasters. They are a very simple way to add something trendy to your dining room, but will also be great birthday or Christmas presents. Once fully set, they will have high heat and water resistance – perfect for a hot cup of coffee or cold drink.

We’ve used Alcolin Anchoring & Patching cement, as it is easy to use and sets in under 15 minutes. Fully set, it is one of the strongest cements available, and will survive a fall to the ground without breaking in half. Other things you’ll need are: water, containers, vegetable oil, coaster feet; and if painting: Alcolin Permobond and your paint of choice.

A few tips to make sure it comes out perfect the first time… Firstly, paint those containers with vegetable oil – this will help them slide out once the cement is set..o otherwise you’ll be cutting up your containers. Secondly, once the cement is busy setting in the containers, tap the containers a number of times to get all of the air bubbles out of the cement. If you don’t do this, you’ll have a coaster that looks like it has experienced a few moon landings. Finally, if partly painting the coasters – as many are doing – use masking tape to keep your lines straight and clean. This will look great with a metallic or highly-contrasted shade of paint. Enjoy!