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DIY Retro Lantern Holder

Retro Lantern Holder

Make this retro lantern holder in time for Easter to keep the evenings longer. Candles are a great way to dress up any space; they work whether you put them indoors or outdoors, and bring a lovely warmth to the environment. Having the right lantern with the right amount of light can set the overall ambiance of a room. If you’re placing them outdoors, go for the brighter ones.

There are loads of candle holders available at home decor stores, one can easily spend over R500 just for one. Instead of buying one, rather make your own with these simple directions. Plus you get the benefit of customising it yourself to suit your needs – size, colour, etc. This project is fairly simple and inexpensive, all you need is some wood, glue, and sandpaper, we hope you have have fun!

A tip for not burning your house down – make sure you use small or electric candles for a small-sized lantern holder; so if you have larger candles then rather increase the size of this item.