DIY Projects

Reborn Old Table

Perhaps you have a special old table that has suffered sun or burn damage, and it has now been assigned to the outdoors for a slow and gradual death… it’s not too late to bring it back to life! Or you’ve purchased an inexpensive coffee table that you recover with a stylish vinyl to fit into your vision for your home… then this is perfect for you! Restoring an old table is a lot of work, but if you’re not up for the task then we’ve got you covered. This is a simple and quick alternative to a full weekend of work. Furthermore, Alcolin Hi Tack Carpet & Vinyl Adhesive is a water-based, eco-friendly option that doesn’t have any harmful ingredients unlike many alternatives.

Start with the hardest part of the job, which really isn’t that tough: ensure the surface where you’ll be applying the adhesive is clean, dry and smooth. It may require some sanding, scrubbing or scratching to ensure it really is clean, then dry. Then apply a thin, even layer of Alcolin Hi Tack Carpet & Vinyl Adhesive to the flat surface and leave for around 30 minutes until the glue is slightly tacky (but not dry!). This will allow you to apply the covering more easily, and speed up the whole process.

Secondly, press the covering into the adhesive and roll out all of the air bubbles – just like when you’re putting a new screen protector onto your mobile phone. Get it perfectly rolled out, then leave this to dry for an hour and give it a final roll. The adhesive will be completely dry after 24 – 48 hours (longer in colder or humid climates), after which you can cut any excess material off with a Stanley knife.

Now you have a brand new table, fit for the finer things in life! We’d love to see what you’ve done and hear your tips and tricks. Let us know on Facebook or send us an email at