DIY Projects

Puzzle Chopping Board

Wooden boards are very handy to have around the house as they can have multiple purposes: a chopping board, rustic serving board, hot tray, or whatever your mind can imagine. The way we’ve designed this board allows you to use wood of any quality to create a high quality serving board. 

It is important to use Alcolin Ultra Wood Glue as it forms a waterproof bond, so when you wipe the board clean it won’t become fragile over time. The last thing dad wants is to have his snacks lying on the floor, even if the 10 second rule applies.

One last tip: you don’t have to seal the finished board with olive oil, you can use most other oils, but you most likely have some olive oil in your house already. Natural oils are a great sealer, but will need to be reapplied every once in a while to keep the board looking great.