DIY Projects

Protective Knife Rack

This is one of our favourite DIY projects: it’s simple, quick, customisable, and boy does it make a difference in your kitchen! If you have a few of those Victorinox knives that you’re trying to keep sharp – this is the perfect fit. 

Start by measuring your space: 7 of the shorter pieces of wood are for 6 small pairing knives so if you don’t need that many then use fewer pieces of wood. The 7 longer pieces are for larger knives so reduce if not required. . Finally, compare with the 22 x 44mm piece and ensure those match up – including the gaps for the knife slots.

Once you’re happy with your plans, simply glue the pieces of wood using Alcolin Professional Wood Glue to the 22 x 44m plank and secure using panel pins. We’ve used Professional Wood Glue because not only does it have an incredibly strong bond, but also has zero creep – in other words the knife rack will break before it bends. And yes, we used a piece of cardboard to maintain a consistent space for the knives… not the most official, but definitely a good alternative!