DIY Projects

Magnetic Knife Rack

It’s a good idea to keep your sharp knives separate to prevent them from bluntening, stashing them all together in one draw wears them out much faster. Knife blocks can set you back anything from a few hundred rands to a thousand, depending on the size and quality you’re after. We have a better alternative in mind, with a DIY knife rack that displays your fancy knifes in an elegant manner. All you will need is some plywood, magnets (2 per knife), Alcolin Fix-All, drill fittings, sand paper and your paint of choice.

Start by selecting the knives that will go on display, then arrange them together and measure how much space is required before purchasing the plywood – if you need a different size then adjust the 280mm measurment accordingly. Once you have the plywood cut to size, place the knives on the board (as you’d be displaying them) and mark the knifes’ blade positions; you’ll need to drill recesses for 2 magnets per knife. Cut the slots for the bracket stands and in the brack stands after boring the holes, and attach the magnets and stands using Alcolin Fix-All. Finish by sanding then decorating as desired.