DIY Projects

Kitchen Tablet Stand

I don’t know about you, but I’m often trying new recipes and finding a safe space for my phone / tablet / recipe book is always an issue (not to mention a clean finger to keep unlocking the device). But this tablet stand is definitely a winner! It keeps the device out of the way, and can be rotated to a verticle or horizontal position to suit its location. 

This project is very simple to make and can be done very quickly if you’re willing to swap out Alcolin Cold Glue for Alcolin Fast Set wood glue. I’d suggest double checking your measurements before buying the wood pieces – perhaps your tablet is a different size, or you want this to be larger to accomodate recipe books as well. 

A free tip for the drilling – use masking tape around the drillbit at the depth that it needs to go. That way, when the drillbit is at the correct depth, the masking tape will touch the wood and you’ll know not to go any further. Plus it comes over very easily.

Enjoy, and send photo’s of your finished project to us at