DIY Projects

Fun Hanging Shelf

This hanging shelf is a perfect piece for any rustic or minimal home decor. It can be hung from nails or hooks… literally in seconds. Their simplicity makes them so versatile – whether you want to display mason jars full of spices in the kitchen, books in your bedroom, towels and toiletries in the bathroom, or plants and candle holders in other strategic positions – they will be a welcome addition to any room.

Once you have all of the materials cut to size, the assembly is the easiest part. The most difficult part will be ensuring that the lengths of chain or twine are the same length so that the shelf hangs evenly.

Top Tip: This project can be done in under an hour – and even faster if you’re fast with a jigsaw. Save even more time with Alcolin Fast Set wood glue by reducing the clamping time to 5 minutes!