DIY Projects

Flower Display Stand

Spoil your mom this Mother’s Day with flowers… but add a personal and timeless touch by giving them in this versatile display stand and turn it into a gift that lasts.

Honestly, this build is so straight forward and so fast that you’ll just about have it finished before you’re done paying for it at the store. We suggest finding and purchasing the bottles first (since that will be the toughest part), then sense check the measurements to ensure the height is correct and openings are the correct size before purchasing the rest of the materials. (Tip: if you want this to be even faster, swap out our Cold Glue for our Fast Set wood glue; it also dries clear so won’t be noticeable with the light colour of pine.)

Once you have everything ready, drill, glue and screw, and finally finish off by sanding to a smooth finish. You may also want to seal it with a waterproof seal so that it doesn’t spoil from the dirty flower water, and then put it on display for all to see!