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DIY Picture Shelf

DIY Picture Shelf

Do you have a hard drive full of photographs but nowhere to display them? If so, then this DIY Picture Shelf is the perfect addition to your home. Easily customisable to the size of any room, the longest part of this stylish project will be waiting for the paint to dry!

Start out by measuring the space you have available – if you’re placing it above a TV like we did, then make sure this will be significantly wider (provided you have the space) – and adjust as necessary. We split one 3m plank neatly into three pieces, but you may need more. Most timber planks come in 1.8m, 2.4m or 3m lengths so find something that works with those to maximise your budget.

Once you’ve planned and made all of the purchases, sand the wood to a smooth finish, but be mindful of the edges that will be glued together as you don’t want to make those into corners. If you are a perfectionist and have done this, it can always be fixed with a little bit of Alcolin Woodfiller afterwards. Be sure to get rid of all loose sawdust and the like before gluing, as this will negatively affect the final bond strength.

Measure and mark out the glue lines and drill holes as shown in the video, then glue the back piece to the bottom, and that to the front. Clamp and clean up the excess glue using a damp cloth. (It is always handy to keep a damp cloth on hand while gluing and cleaning as you go, as this makes it much cleaner.)

Fill any holes or gaps with Alcolin Woodfiller, using a tiny bit extra and sanding the excess once dry to have a perfectly smooth finish. Once the glue is dry, remove the clamps and finish the shelf off with your choice of wood primer and paint, then secure to the wall and arrange your pictures as neatly or as scattered as you desire!