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DIY Contemporary Plate Rack

Contemporary Plate Rack

Not only will you be able to clean up your kitchen by creating this simple masterpiece, but you’ll also manage to add some style at the same time. This project can be done in under a few hours – just make sure to have all the plans done and materials purchased beforehand.

You will need:

  • 22 x 22mm planed pine, cut to two 400mm lengths
  • 1 600 x 12mm dowel, cut into sixteen 100mm lengths
  • Alcolin Cold Glue
  • Drill and 12mm drill bit


This project is completely customisable, so start by selecting a location for the rack and measuring the length that will be required (our build uses 400mm lengths of pine). If you have a section that is longer than 600mm, we’d recommend doing a few racks of 300-400mm lengths (that way if moved to a shorter location in the future they’ll still fit).

Measure 20mm from the start of the planed pine lengths, and drill holes of 10mm deep at intervals every 60mm (seven in total) – this side is the top. Rotate the pine 90° onto its side and drill one hole (also 10mm depth) 60mm from each end (two in total). Repeat the same drilling pattern with the second 400mm length of pine – these holes will be used to join the two lengths together to form one rack. Face both planks upwards with their drilled sides facing inwards, then assemble with Alcolin Ultra Wood Glue by gluing the fourteen top dowels into place and joining the two planks with the remaining two dowels. Finish off by sanding and painting as desired.

Top tip: your plate rack might need rubber feet to stop it sliding around. If so, a small drop of Alcolin Silicone Sealant at each end of the planks will do the job!

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