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Chic Desk Organiser

A little bit of organisation can bring a great deal of change! With this chic desk organiser, messy and ugly desks are a thing of the past. Great for stationery and post it notes, but also works well with small decorative pieces like potplants.

Top tip: We suggest using Alcolin Pro Wood Glue for this project as it does not allow for any creep or flexibility once cured, so this little desk organiser will be able to withstand anything thrown at it!

Start this project by measuring out your desk space and ensuring the size is suitable – and if not then adjusting accordingly. Once you’re happy with the plans, cut the four dividers at a slight angle (we didn’t like a 45° angle so went with a 30° angle instead) and glue and screw to the back plank. Of course, the screws aren’t essential but hold the wood in place until the glue is dry – allowing you to finish the build faster.

Secure the bottom of the organiser to the first piece using the Pro Wood Glue and a few nails, then fill all of the nail holes with Alcolin Woodfiller (Pine would be the best colour for this, unless you are painting it afterwards). Once the Woodfiller is dry, sand the entire thing so that splinters won’t become a work hazard, and presto, a chic desk organiser that adds a personal touch to your office space.