DIY Projects

Bunny Inspired Bookshelf

With the Easter holidays around the corner, here’s a simple way to bring the Easter feeling into your home. Grab one large sheet of 18mm plywood, some Alcolin Ultra Wood Glue and your paint of choice from your hardware store and you’ll be ready to go. If you want to be ultra professional as well then have your wood clamps handy, otherwise find something heavy and use its pressure instead. No need to wait for a public holiday to do this project as it can be done in 2 hours.

Follow the instructions on the PDF link below – we’ve even included a bunny stencil for you on page 2. Here are some other helpful tips and tricks:
1) Print the bunny stencil with “Scaling” set as off in your printer settings (or as Actual Size) if you’d like the bunny to be the same dimensions as the PDF.
2) When you cut the bunny shapes out, make sure they’re all the same shape and size before gluing together (otherwise you’ll end up not having one thick bunny shape).
3) Alcolin Ultra Wood Glue only requires 30 minutes of clamping at room temperature. If it’s cold then you’ll need to clamp it for longer (max. of 2 hours).

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