DIY Projects

Alternative Christmas Tree

With Christmas around the corner, this is the perfect way to get your family and yourself into the spirit! This is a perfect project for everyone to contribute in their own style with their creative pieces. And a great way to make this one uniquely yours is to utilise items and materials you already have lying around your home.

The first step to any project is always to ensure that the final product will suit your space. Measure the dimensions out and adjust as needed. 1m x 1,5m is already fairly large, so we wouldn’t suggest making it any larger unless you have the space – and don’t forget – time for all of the extra decorations! If you do alter the size, we’d recommend keeping the proportions similar to have that tall-tree-effect.

Feel free to go as wild as you want with the decorations, but the lighter they are the better (otherwise you’ll struggle keeping the fishing line straight). Anything made from paper, cardboard, plastic and fabric will work well; all of which can be stuck together with Alcolin Ultra Wood Glue or our Cold Glue. Alcolin Ultra Wood Glue is our preferred choice because its water-based formulation allows for an easy clean up (simply wipe an excess away with a damp cloth).