Artificial Grass Adhesive

ALCOLIN ARTIFICIAL GRASS ADHESIVE is a high-strength adhesive designed for bonding artificial grass to a variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces. It has good heat and water resistance, making it ideal for installing artificial grass around swimming pools, in gardens, on balconies, etc. It also has a long open time, allowing for precise alignment of the artificial grass before the glue is completely set.


5L tin

Uses / Applications

  • Bonds latex and rubber-backed synthetic grass to a variety of surfaces including smooth sub-floors such as concrete, sand-cement screed and timber
  • Good brushability for easy application
  • Heat resistant up to 75°C and very good water resistance for external applications
  • 15 minute open time allowing for perfect alignment of the artificial grass


Other Information

  • Do not lay artificial grass outdoors if rain is imminent
  • Do not apply adhesive if temperature is below 15°C or above 35°C
  • Not suitable for application onto oily or CCA treated timber
  • ALCOLIN ARTIFICIAL GRASS ADHESIVE is flammable; keep away from naked flames and ignition sources
  • Working in well ventilated areas with gloves and safety glasses is recommended
  • Poor surface preparation may result in glue failure

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