Fire Stop Neutral Silicone

Alcolin Fire Stop Neutral Silicone is a high-quality silicone designed for applications requiring a flame resistant sealant, offering up to 4 hours fire resistance with regular backing material in the joint. It has excellent adhesion to the majority of building materials, i.e. concrete, cement, metal and glass. It has a high degree of flexibility, making it ideal for application on expansion joints.


300ml cartridge

Uses / Applications

  • Sealant for expansion joints in firewalls and floors
  • Sealant for connections, pipes, cable transits, etc where fire protection is required
  • Sealant for doors with fire resistance
  • In general, a sealant wherever flame resistance is required
  • Suitable for internal and external sealing applications, waterproofing and weatherproofing
  • Sealing of gutters, gutter outlets, and around building flashes
  • Perimeter sealing of doors, windows and cladding panels
  • Sealing of double glazed units and joints between glazing and supporting structures
  • Industrial sealant for the automotive, aircraft and ship-building industries
  • Sealant for the electrical and electronics industries e.g. encapsulation of wires, insulating appliances

Other Information


  • Alcolin Fire Stop Neutral Silicone used in contact with marble, granite, quartzite, and similar natural stone, may cause staining
  • May become discoloured in contact with some organic elastomers, which tend to bleed oil or solvents into the silicone, e.g. EPDM, APTK, Neoprene and Bituminous surfaces
  • Will not adhere to some plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene and Teflon
  • Width of the joint must be at least 4x greater than maximum expected joint movement
  • Cannot be painted
  • Do not apply sealant when relative humidity is below 10% – cure rate will be affected

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