Anchoring & Patching Cement

ALCOLIN RAPID SET ANCHORING & PATCHING CEMENT is a grey cement-based product designed with non-sag properties for sealing and weatherproofing of deep cracks, holes as well as general repairs to mortar and concrete up to 100mm depth.  It contains additives, which improve both water resistance and workability, and has been specially formulated to provide low shrinkage characteristics over wide gaps.  Once dry it can be sanded, carpeted or tiled to achieve the desired finish.  ALCOLIN RAPIDSET ANCHORING & PATCHING CEMENT will not fall out over time if the correct preparation procedures have been followed and if there is no major continuous structural damage.


500g, 2kg boxes

Uses / Applications

  • Low shrinkage
  • Initial set occurs within 15 minutes
  • Full set occurs in 3 hours
  • Repairs of vertical surfaces
  • Fills cracks and holes up to 100mm deep
  • Good anti-slump / non-sag properties
  • Excellent workability
  • Good water resistance
  • Good sanding and painting properties
  • Ideal for weatherproofing
  • Suitable for interior and exterior applications
  • Repair or fill cracks and cavities in vertical concrete, cement rendering or masonry block surfaces from 10mm to 100mm deep e.g. repairing damaged stairs, walls, cement windowsills and repairing minor damage in floors where screeding is not required

Other Information

  • Not suitable for repairing structural faults i.e. foundation movements
  • Not suitable for repairing cracks less than 10mm in width. For these we recommend either ALCOLIN INTERIOR CRACKFILLER or ALCOLIN EXTERIOR CRACKFILLER

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.