Alcolin Sticks Like Sh*t

ALCOLIN STICKS LIKE SH*T is a high performance, single component, moisture curing, Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP) based adhesive. It will bond most surfaces even if both are impervious and can be applied to damp or wet surfaces.

ALCOLIN STICKS LIKE SH*T Adhesive is low odour and cures to form a hard elastic rubber, with almost no shrinkage and no hazard; it does not contain any water or solvent, making it ideal for bonding foam polystyrene sheets.

ALCOLIN STICKS LIKE SH*T bonds to most surfaces including wood, concrete, brick, plaster, glass, ceramics, metals, rigid pvc, grp insulation boards and polystyrene.

Features & Benefits

• Heat resistant
• Flexible at low temperatures
• Hybrid technology
• Paintable
• Non-shrinking on curing
• Acid free
• Good weather resistance
• Neutral curing

Available in White and Clear.